Networking and Influence are essential in Business


But limited without Relevance and Trust in the long run


(Especially between Europe and Japan).



To achieve this, we provide Executives with 3 solutions:



Increasing Executives'personal brand

In today's business world, there is a lot of competition for top leadership positions, and having a well-defined personal brand can help executives to differentiate themselves from others and make a lasting impression.

Making Japanese brands further understood by Europeans, aligned with EU culture

By understanding and appreciating the unique values and business practices of Japanese companies, European can more effectively navigate the complex and ever-changing world of international business.

Acting as a local footprint to your company

Local intermediaries can help international companies to adapt to the local market and meet the needs of local customers. They can provide valuable insights into local consumer preferences and behaviors, and help international companies to tailor their products, services, and marketing strategies to better meet the needs of local customers.

Our Podcast (in French)

Do you want to become a relevant and influential manager? With the Influential Leader, Patrice Laubignat in Paris and Sandrine Monette in Tokyo, we exchange ideas to help you discover methods and concrete cases to develop your business influence. Only available in French.

By focusing on authenticity, effective communication, consistency, and building relationships, executives can establish themselves as leaders in their field and effectively promote their personal brand & corporate brand to a wide range of stakeholders.

In the meantime, different countries and cultures have different norms and expectations when it comes to business relationships. It is important to understand and respect these differences, and to adapt your communication and behavior accordingly. This can help to avoid misunderstandings and build trust with your overseas customers.


Our Approach

Purpose & Values in Leadership

By clearly articulating and living its purpose and values, a company can differentiate itself from its competitors, attract and retain top talent, and build trust and credibility with its stakeholders. However cultural differences may lead to misunderstanding. We do clearly articulate the company's purpose and values taken into account local cultures (Japanese, European, Westerners).

Strategic communication

Effectively communicating a company's purpose and values requires a clear, consistent, and transparent approach that involves a variety of communication channels and involves employees in the process. By taking these steps, a company can effectively convey its purpose and values to its stakeholders and build trust and credibility in the process.

Influence techniques

While visibility can bring attention and recognition, influence is often a more valuable asset in the long run. By focusing on building influence and cultivating relationships with others, you can make a more meaningful impact and establish yourself/your company as a respected and trusted leader in your field.


LinkedIn is an important platform for leaders looking to build and maintain professional connections, stay up-to-date on industry trends, and share their company's strategy. By leveraging the platform effectively, leaders can position themselves as thought leaders and industry experts, and take advantage of the many opportunities for networking and collaboration that LinkedIn has to offer.

Our Services

Boost company & Executives reputation

We bring valuable resource for an executive looking to craft clear and compelling messaging, save time and effort, improve the quality of their written communication, and gain a fresh perspective on their ideas and message

Create content on Linkedin

We work with the leaders, whom we accompany in the structuring of their thoughts and their publications. But the goal is, above all, that they are perfectly autonomous. What makes us different? We understand your business. Our customers' goals are: 1/ Bring value to potential customers 2/ Increase credibility by writing stronger position papers 3/ Create emotion through visibility

Maintain trust with your Japanese customers

Communicate clearly and consistently; Foster personal relationships; Adhere to cultural norms and expectations; Be reliable and follow through on commitments; Foster transparency and open communication

Over 25 years of international experience in building or operating businesses. Global solution maker with expertise in communication, influence, leadership, and digital transformation, especially in the Innovation, Technology & Life Sciences domains.



Entrepreneur, I co-founded the French start-up: (on Executives’ personal branding)


Education: 2 master’s: Civil engineering (biochemistry) and Business Administration.

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